Episode 39: Classical Rampage Pt.1


What more can be said? Producer, Beat-Maker, DJ and Party aficonado--Big Moves is a rap veteran of 20+ years--produced for countless canadian rap legends and beyond, DJ MOVES is a Canadian Legend himself.

Striaght from Nova Scotia and onto the Gripple Effect.

Go Check my man on http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=729063               Buy a Beat-Get Some Heat

also on Bandcamp: https://bigmoveslpfc.bandcamp.com/

Episode 38: A Person Disguised As People

To start of a super crazy line up of shows--

Who else better than to start it off with my man Ian of APDAP! Member of the Riderless, music director at CHRW Radio Western, involed with many things--LOLA, APK, ASOUVENIR, ETC--Ian is an extremely talented individual, proprietor of the label, A Person Disguised As People, Ian also runs a weekly radio program of the same name every thursday afternoon at 1:30 pm on CHRW 94.9FM.






Episode 31: Bowling Tips With Michael

Better late than never.

I'm really excited for this episode, I finally got a man I've been trying to get on here for a while. He goes by the name Drummachinemike; An OG of the London music game, and an old friend of mine.  He's dropping a strictly beat set, then I'm doing the second half.

Drummachinemike came out with a album with tons of rappers on it a little while ago, you can check it out at bandcamp.  Check it out, pick it up, you'll like it.

Episode 28: Rocketcan

I'm glad to introduce my man Richard Catesh to the Gripple Effect.

Going by many monikers, Richard Catesh AKA Catech, or for this episode DJ Dick Vegas is a long time friend.  Repping Phonophonic Crew (PHC) and New Cocoon.  Catesh is an all around hip hop vet, skilled in turntablism, beat production and rapping.

I remember going on all kinds of missions with Catech and he was always had the fresh mixtapes popping.  Constantly.  Always straight live to tape vinyl mixes, and they were always dope.