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Episode 45: Dr. J's Shine

Today's episode features Saskatoon's own Dr. J. An OG in the game, owner of the ROOTS FORWARD record label; Dr. J has dropped us his 1st installment of his SHINE MIX SERIES that was originally released on cassette and is out of print. It's funny, when I was talking to J and asking him if he wanted to rock an episode, he asked me if I heard his mix with DJ FORMAT. And I was caught off guard, "WHHAATTT??!!!" So this first installment of his SHINE MIX SERIES features DJ FORMAT on the 1st half(side A) of the mix and DR. J on the 2nd half(side B).

Here's a little write up about this man:

Dr.J began his life-long love of music in 1985 when he purchased his first vinyl LP – a copy of Grandmaster Flash’s “They Said It Couldn’t Be Done”. After years of collecting he bought his first DJ mixer from a high school friend in 1991 and started experimenting with mixing and scratching with an array of make-shift equipment and remnants from his mother’s record collection. October of 1994 marked his first public appearance as a DJ and he hasn’t looked back since. From his humble start doing small electronic parties in his hometown Regina, to his hosting duties at the legendary Lydia’s “Souled Out”(one of Canada’s longest running electronic music weeklies) he was able to make a name for himself as both a promoter and respected DJ in Canada’s electronic music scene. Dr.J currently holds numerous DJ residencies in Saskatoon, hosts the long running “Expansions” radio show and runs Roots Forward Records – an all vinyl label devoted to releasing rare and unreleased 80’s and 90’s rap music. Artists on the label include Marley Marl, Schoolly D, Krown Rulers, Frankenstein and countless other pioneering acts. Dr.J is currently working on the SHINE mixtape series, which features world class DJs from around the world. The series is released on limited edition cassettes.