Soooooo whats happenin'???

This week being busy with work and no guest, I decided unleash an old mixtape. So DSYFER and myself made this mix in 2008 for Style In Progress. All vinyl--before we had serato or traktor.

Little about the event: STYLE IN PROGRESS is a not for profit organization that promotes urban art, music, dance, and fashion through events and partnerships.

Now whats funny is--THAT weekend we came to chill at the event and DJ--it was actually a sub-side event from Style In Progress called RESURFACE. 

Anyways, long story short, they wouldn't allow us to sell the tapes and cds at the booths, so we had to hock them around the area. 

If you haven't heard it, I'll drop it on Monday--and it will be a treat.....if you HAVE heard it, I bumped up the sound a little bit so it bumps hard, so you will have to revisit. 

Say word. AZ you know how we do.