Darcy 'DARSKI' Obokata

Again giving credit and love where it is due: All the artistic design--logos, tees etc, website design including the podcast support on iTunes for the GRIPPLE EFFECT; is all thanks to my crewmate:

Mr. Darcy 'DARSKI' Obokata

BBOY, ARTIST, DESIGNER, FATHER--Darcy is the glue that holds this project together. If not for him, this platform would not be available and the podcast may be non existent. Darcy is a huge part and contributor to THE GRIPPLE EFFECT MIX SHOW.

If you are looking for any art pieces, design work--really any artistic project, please contact my man for inquiries. You can reach him at: darcyobokata@gmail.com

You can also follow my man DARCY on instagram: @still_hungry

watch this video and enjoy this remix of cheese and butter. DARSKI has just a little bit a cheese and just the right amount of butta.