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December 31st | Call The Office
$10-$20 tix availible here:
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By demand; It's the return of the world famous dance party: Motown Party! Get down with our GoGo Dancers to old favourites and rare grooves from Supremes, Otis Redding, The Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, and more of the best and brightest music from Tamla Motown, Stax Records and Northern soul labels as well as re-edits and neo soul played by some of London's best DJs. 

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Photos by KPod Media

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We're gonna put on a show you've never experienced before!
avail here:
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About: Motown Party is a network of soul music events that happens in over 7 cities monthly around North America with each cities best DJs while raising money for local charities. you can see tour schedules, photos and pictures at

Motown Party is brought to you by Good Kids |

So come by--here's a lil something to get you in the mood:


That's right.

The legendary DJ MOVES is rockin' an episode of the Gripple Effect this coming monday. So many things to mention about this man--Low Pressure Records, Hip Club Groove--PRODUCTION all over so many famous ish--we will get into it on Monday. But fer now go copp a beat of his here, if you know whats good fer ya:


Hey whats up??

Have a few updates for the countdown of 2016--I'd like to metion the line up for the rest of the year--my man Ian(A Person Disguised As People),  Darren(Ghettosocks), Matt Labatt and myself as well as the legendary DJ MOVES.

All these cats will be up in the Gripple this month making way for an amazing tie for your sidehole.

Also I have tees, and sweats and art stuff and etc. up in the store if you want to snag something fresh and different for your loved ones this xmas. Hit us up!



What's happening?? Happy Hallowe'en weekend! I have 3 things to drop on you, in order starting with :

1. I'm Djing on saturday night(29th) for Fright Night @ Museum London--part of EMPYREAN PRODUCTIONS, lots of cool stuff at this event, you should come--check it out:

2. Sunday(30th) my main man, Drum Machine Mike--is selling records at the LONDON RECORD SHOW @ CENTENNIAL HALL 11am-5pm, go check him out and hang. check it out here:

3. Monday(31st) hallowe'en, my other good homie, Jay Holy, is dropping the Gripple Effect Hallowe'en mix. Its eerie. Its good. Its Jay Holy on the Gripple Effect Mix Show. Go check my buddy out:



Thats right.

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take--and Wayne Gripsky takes them all, 80% of the time. Bringing you some new stuff this week, off the ice and into your ears, Wayne Gripsky is here to deliver that future niceness on the Gripple Effect.

Expect some high flying puck action on the decks and some ziggity ziggaties. Don't miss the Great One this Monday on Hockey Night In The Gripple Effect.

-disclaimer-this episode will have nothing to do with hockey and everything to do with those slammin' beats.



Hey yo!

I'm glad to introduce my man, Richard Catesh aka DJ DICKVEGAS, to the Gripple Effect this week. A long time friend, reppin' PhonopHoniC and New Cocoon, Catesh is an all around hip hop vet skilled in Turntablism, Beat production and Rapping. Straight Live to tape vinyl mixes, no serato here fellas. Tune in on Monday and check him out!






Hey yo! 

Promoting the event this Saturday in London, Ontario--My man Fate, is dropping a lil something this week. 

Reppin' Ground Illusionz--this cat makes me hella inspired and hopeful for the hip hop generation. Not only is he super creative on the dance floor--that creativity and soul goes right into his production work. 

This is only a touch of what is to come from this man, tune in a check him out.

Sat. Sept. 10th--check Fate along side Switch B as NEKKRAK w Artson from Style Elements crew @ UPRLFT- downtown london--drinks, tacos, music--just a lil party thang. 

1love pce.





Back at it again--every week, and yes, again--Another good friend I've been buggin' to rock an episode, my man--DJ KEPH LE ROC. 

Out of Montreal, Quebec--Keph is super talented on the decks and his mixes are super smooth, rocking mostly those coroner beats--this episode I'M OUTTA MY SEAT--waiting for it. Tune in on Monday and listen to my man DJ KEPH LE ROC get down! 


Hey folks! How goes it?

Thought I'd test something out this week. I have 2 DJs rocking an episode this week. They live in different cities, have never met, and both have very different styles on the decks. Its the London/TDOT connect.

This week we have my man Andel aka Handlez aka DJ ANDY BBAD


The homie Dave aka DJ DIVINYL

I thought it would be cool to try out--and I think this might be a good idea to roll with. Tune in on Monday and check it out. Hip Hop vibes this week. 

See y'all soon!



This week we have my good friend DIVINYL rockin' the decks. I'm not too sure what he has in store, but he's sure to bring the funk. 

DJ/PRODUCER all around good fella--this cat has been around the London scene for a minute--Member of the Group/Band 'THE PEOPLE', holding it down for various rappers in the city, and part of the legendary Crate Crusaders--Divinyl is one not to mess with.

Tune in on monday to check the flava!




HEY yo! 

Whats happening' everybody?? Finally to my cpu back today--and it looks promising! In good due time too. I needed to put together an episode for tomorrow!

So in respect to UNITY FESTIVAL this week, I thought I'd re-drop mu UNITY BREAKS mix that I made at last years event. Very chill, relaxed mixed--meant to move your fannies, unite w friends or sit back relax and chill, a mix for all occasions. 

Please check out UNITY FESTIVAL 2016 in Toronto this week--Wednesday to Saturday 4DAYS! From spoken word to art to dance to musics to beatbox--it has it all ending on Saturday with an all day jam at DUNDAS SQUARE with the almighty DAM FUNK headlining! 


DAY 1-

DAY 2-

DAY 3-

DAY 4-

ps---DJ ROOFEO & myself will b on the ones and twos during the day on SATURDAY!

4 days and counting--why does time move so slowly when you are super excited??!!


This week we have the man known as DJ HULLEWUD. I've known HULLE for a minute now, and he is super passionate about hip hop, and more specifically, the hip hop community surrounding us. Incredibly humble, and always amassed in the hip hop scene in London, Ontario, Hullewud is without a doubt--the backbone to the scene here. 

I asked him to write a quick little bio, so you could get to know him:

I was first exposed to rap in 1984 when I purchased the “Breakdance” compilation on K-Tel Records. This transformed into a small period of attempting to be a breakdancer. Become more heavily interested in 1986 when Run-DMC dropped “Raising Hell”...been a hip hop head ever since. My first experience DJ’ing came when I met DJ Res and saw his basement of records and equipment. I purchased my first turntables in 1990 on a summer trip to Chicago. My dad is heavily into music as well and you could pretty much find us digging in every record store we could find on our various trips to Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Calgary, etc.

Was the resident DJ for Dirty Thursdays, Fresh Fridays, Renaissance and also DJ on Sausage Gut Radio on CHRW 94.9FM. I’ve had the privilege of being a personal DJ for Maestro Fresh Wes, Choclair, Dan-e-o, RA The Rugged Man and Fatlip over the years at various events in various cities...the biggest being with Maestro in front of 5000 people in Goderich for the Hurrican Relief Event. I’ve also DJ’ed at Wakestock in Collingwood and other events throughout Ontario.

Been involved with Crate Crusaders, Top Billin’ Entertainment and most recently “Sons Of Boombap”. 


instagram: @djhullewud 

twitter: @DJHullewud


Be sure to tune in this Monday and take a ride with the funky technician- DJ HULLEWUD on the Gripple Effect Mix Show. 


This week--its a family affair.

DSYFER has finally dropped a lil' mixy dee for the GRIPPLE EFFECT. I have been buggin' him for weeks, and he has finally came with it. Reppin' A to the zig zag Zee, DSYFER is very passionate about the musics and it shows in his DJing. 

On that old school tip, DSYFER has also dropped an all vinyl mix. 

So tune  in and get loose for another sure shot on Monday! 

Enjoy some wetness on this hot day!